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KnightWrite Student Services

Check my homework (or discussion post)

*Online students — this is for you especially!

Who wants to spend hours doing homework only to lose points for misunderstanding or missing a few questions?  We’ll check for readability, writing-level appropriateness, and topic adherence.

*Available up to 3 pages.

Check My Homework – up to 3 pages


Citation Creation

We’ll create and organize your reference list or bibliography.

OR, if you don’t know where to start, we’ll find and organize the appropriate sources for you. (Good for when you’ve bitten off more than you can chew.)  Includes in-text citations.

Citation Creation: APA, Chicago, MLA – 1 page


Citation Creation: Other format – 1 page

Note: Please specify the citation style at checkout.


60-minute Session, English/Writing/Consultation

Talk to us — via text, phone or video chat!

Struggling with your English or writing? Need a personalized one-on-one session to hash out an issue or project idea? Book a 60-minute appointment to get your project on track.

60-minute Session, English/Writing/Consultation


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KnightWrite Professional Services

PowerPoint Presentation

Informative doesn’t have to mean boring!  We’ll create a beautifully designed PowerPoint presentation out of all your hard work that’s sure to impress.  Starting at $39.95.

*Starting price does not include notes/handouts. Standard 24-48 hr delivery. 

For more product options, please shop this item in our store.

PowerPoint Presentation – Standard


Letter Writing (or Email Writing)

Never wonder how to write a letter (or that email to your boss) again! We’ll show you how to write a letter — any letter — so that you sound confident and professional, while still sounding authentic.

How to write a letter, letter writing, email writing service example - KnightWrite Communications

Letter Writing (or Email Writing) – per 1 page


Résumé Writing Service

***One of our most popular services of all time!*** Get an expertly crafted résumé that markets your talents and experience the right way–the way recruiters (and résumé bots) are looking for.

Our résumé writing service will take you from months of no callbacks to getting too many calls to keep track of.  Up to two pages.

Note: Please select whether you need a new résumé or an update to an existing one.

Résumé Writing Service – Original Creation (up to 2 pages)

Note: This is to build a new résumé from scratch.


Résumé Writing Service – Revise or Update (up to 2 pages)

Note: This is to make changes to an existing résumé.


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KnightWrite Writing & Editing Services


***One of our most popular services of all time!*** 

Your blog–not your home page–actually generates most of the traffic to your site!  It also gives your brand a personality (and shows people you know what you’re talking about). Make sure it gives them the right impression!Client-Post-3more-KnightWrite-Blogging

We’ll create engaging, fully SEO optimized posts that rank for relevant keywords and keep your readers coming back for more.  Perfect for anyone with something to sell or say.

*Includes headings, and alt/meta data for photos and post. 

*Please customize and purchase this item in our store here.


Copywriting (also Content Writing)

Say it — whatever it is — in the most compelling way possible!

Whether it’s site pages or a dating profile, our content writers will make your point in a way that highlights the best of who you are.

Content writing available:

  • Speeches
  • Poems
  • Website pages & content
  • Dating & professional profiles
  • Announcements
  • Songs
  • Essays
  • Scripts
  • Erotica

*Please customize and purchase this item in our store here.



$10 Copy Editor - Why You Need Copyediting - Word Missed Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

Spellcheck ISN’T a copy editor.  We’ll catch everything spellcheck (and grammar check) missed!

This includes:

  • Basic grammar – contractions, capitalization, punctuation, pronouns, subject-verb agreement, homophones (words that sound alike but aren’t) and shifting tenses
  • Composition errors – word choice, synonyms, typos and extra spaces

If you’re a student pressed for time or learning English, copyediting is a must!

All prices below are per standard 24-48 hr. delivery time. Shop this item in our store for faster turnarounds.

Copyediting – up to 500 words


Copyediting – up to 1,000 words


Copyediting – up to 3,000 words


Edit My Kindle Book (or Other E-Book)

Nothing ruins a potential bestseller faster than poor editing!  Combine structural editing, line editing, copyediting and SEO forecasting for a polished, professionally written book sure to give your readers an experience worth reviewing and sharing.

Want to know more? Click here to explore your options!

Line Editing

Line editing includes copyediting but also provides meticulous line-by-line analysis.  This ensures each sentence of every paragraph is crisp and correct, and a perfect fit for what you’re trying to say.  Guaranteed to make you sound like the expert you are.


Line Editing – up to 500 words


Line Editing – up to 1,000 words


Line Editing – up to 3,000 words


Structural Editing

Structural editing edits your topic. It’s a quick and painless way to elevate your writing.

If anyone has ever said your writing is unorganized or that you need to develop your ideas, this is for you!

We’ll structure your topic and help you expand your thoughts.

Add line editing for a truly spectacular piece.

Structural Editing – up to 500 words


Structural Editing – up to 1,000 words


Structural Editing – up to 3,000 words


Press Release 

***One of our most popular services of all time!***  We’ll turn your news–no matter how big or small–into a professionally written press release that positions your business as one to keep an eye on.  ***Press release price below does not include boilerplate; standard 24-48 hr. delivery. For more options, please click here.

Press Release


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Other KnightWrite Services & Miscellaneous

Hourly Rate

KnightWrite Hourly Rate

Book your job or suite of services by the hour. Use as directed.



Retainer 1

This is to retain KnightWrite Communications for 4 hours.


Retainer 2

This is to retain KnightWrite Communications for 6 hours.


Beta Reading

Beta Reading (per 10,000 words)

Honest, constructive feedback on anything you've written for an audience.


KnightWrite Placeholder

KnightWrite Product/Price Placeholder

Use as directed for quotes and miscellaneous.


NOTE: For multiple services or rush orders, please shop via our online store here.

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